Asson Computer Services Limited (Call for Availabilty)
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Asson Computer Services Limited (Available 3rd July 2014)
Established by Gary and Amanda Asson in 1996

We offer professional services to the corporate sector  in:

AIX/ UNIX System Administration, System Design/ development, team mentoring and management of large Unix systems. Although primarily in the pSeries, Power -7, RS6000, AIX, PSSP, HACMP / SYSMIRROR, HMC, LPAR, DLPAR, WLM, VIO micro partition, SEA dapter failover, (Nport ID Virtualisation) NPIV, System migration using nim to virtalised systems. skills exist in other UNIX and Linux flavors. Scripting, web reporting, NIM, TCPIP, SAN, Networking, Perl, Python, CGI, V7000, XIV and SAN Switch. We also have skills in other flavors of UNIX/ Linux, including HP-UX 10.20 - 11i V3, Solaris 2.6 - 10, RedHat, Ubuntu SUSE.



We are pleased to offer skills in 224 Hardening. On Unix and Linux platforms, including legacy AIX, SUSE, Solaris, Red Hat, HP-UX, etc.

Please call to discuss.


We offer a wide varied and flexible service, and are not afraid to try the unknown.

Gary Asson:

Asson Computer Services Limiteds Director has over 28 years Unix experience, 24 of which have been spent   specializing in AIX, starting with IBM’s first UNIX offering AIX 1 for the PS2 and AIX 2 for the RT6150, and RT6151 systems, moving through to the latest pSeries architectures, DLPAR, Dual VIO servers with SEA and NPIV. AIX V1 through to V7.1 .


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We are Diving officer and Technical Author to the: Frazier Amiss Memorial Trust Underwater Search Unit